William Emard finishes 8th in AA Finals, 7th in Rings Finals, 8th in Vault Finals

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#Kitakyushu2021 AG Results Book

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Highlights for Canadians

  • Will Emard finishes 7th in Rings Finals, 8th in Vault Finals
  • Will Emard finishes 8th in All Around Finals
  • Rose Woo finishes 18th in All Around Finals
  • William Emard in 11th AA, 6th Rings, and 8th Vault – Results: AA, Rings, Vault Qualifications
  • Rose Woo qualifies to AA Finals – Results
  • Audrey Rousseau finishes in 9th, will be first reserve for vault finals – Results
  • Start Lists for Qualifications: WAG both days, MAG both days
  • Felix Dolci injures ankle, withdraws from AA bid [Facebook group post]
  • Laurie Denommée stays home

Will Emard, CAN Rings Finals

Will Emard, CAN two vaults nailed in Qualification

Audrey Rousseau, CAN two vaults in qualifications

Felix Dolci, CAN High Bar to stick

Chris Kaji, CAN Rings

Will Emard – on how he felt on his competition, if he saw that he was in 2nd AA ahead of Hashimoto halfway through the competition, how he handled the 80-minute disinfection delay before their subdivision, and prospects for 3 finals.

Quips from Canadians

Rose Woo – on her All Around Finals, and future plans

Rose Woo – on how she felt competing at her first World Championships and what the pandemic bubble is like there.

Cassie Lee – on how competing at Junior World Championships (2019) prepared her for Senior World Championships and what she collects (if she could get out of the pandemic bubble)

Audrey Rousseau – on her 2nd World Championships experience and if the pandemic ended tomorrow there, what she would do in Japan