Even after losing their top gymnast Megan Phillips to injury just days before departure, l’Équipe du Québec successfully defended their Canada Games team title with a total of 150.383 points. Ontario held onto their silver medal position, while Alberta ascended the podium for bronze.



Gabrielle Deslauriers, QC at Canada Games WAG C1, Red Deer (Pool/Rod Ince)

Highlights for Québec included the top two All Around rankings by Myrelle Morin and Chloé Lorange, and top rankings on bars by Amanda Pedicelli, beam by Gabrielle Deslauriers, and floor by Morin. Also remarkable for replacement gymnast Deslauriers was qualification to All Around finals as the third best Québécoise (top 36, 3 per province).

Chloé Lorange, QC at Canada Games WAG C1, Red Deer
(Pool/Matthew Wolfe)

Team newfoundland & labrador take first subdivision

For the first time at Canada Games, Team Newfoundland & Labrador led their subdivision and finished ahead of Team Nova Scotia in the first of three subdivisions of Team Finals/Individual Qualifications.

Team NL gymnast Jane Young in WAG Subdivision 1, Canada Games (Pool/Corina Cowie)

Archived Streams?

On Youtube, there appears to be a  digital rights configuration problem preventing replays. If it ever works properly, here is a saved playlist.


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